You are also in Chris Colfer's movie, Struck By Lightning...
Dermot Mulroney: Yes, I just did that. I was on set for a couple of days. I thought that was a terrific script. I didn't know his TV show. I knew what that kid looked like, but I'd never heard him open his mouth, or anything. But I thought, "If you are 21, you didn't even finish high school, you came to Hollywood, you took a long shot, you become a huge star on this cultural, text-point TV show, and then you write a really accomplished screenplay..." Not just funny, quirky dialogue, which it has...But it has a strong concept. There was just script stuff that was really cool. I'll tell you...In Struck by Lightning, he is killed on page three. Then he narrates the rest of the movie, leading up to his death. It flashes back a couple of weeks. The dead kid is the narrator of the film. Simple, but I don't know that I have ever seen that done. I can't think of anything. I thought, "Allison Janney? I'm in."

Dermot Mulroney Talks about Working with Chris Colfer in Struck By Lightning


PC: GLEE is one of the biggest subjects here at BroadwayWorld, so I have to ask: what was shooting with Chris Colfer like on his screenwriting debut this Summer?

DM: Well, I came in from overseas to do a couple of days on STRUCK BY LIGHTNING.

PC: What was the shoot like?

DM: That was a really good project. I had a small part, but I had the pleasure of playing his dad. And, he plays kind of a unique and kind of troubled teenager. I find myself in those sort of dad roles these days. (Laughs.)

PC: Chris wrote the original screenplay, correct?

DM: He did. That’s one of the things that set that project aside from others - just that such a young guy came up with a screenplay and such a good idea for a story. But, even beyond that, it sends a really strong, positive message.

PC: What can you tell me about the story?

DM: Well, Chris’s character dies at the very beginning and narrates it from - I guess you would say - beyond the grave. It’s really unique - but, it tells a good story.

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Struck by Lightning: Written by Glee’s Chris Colfer, this comedy takes on the subject of a post lightning blackmail confessions. OK - I’ll admit, I don’t entirely understand the synopsis, but it stars some of our fav peeps including ‘Caution Curves Ahead’ icon Christina Hendricks and the true love of my life, Dermot Mulroney.


Glee Star Chris Colfer’s Big-Screen Debut: “It Will Make You Cry”


We cannot wait to see Struck by Lightning.

Not only will it be Chris Colfer’s big-screen acting debut but…  

The 21-year-old Glee star wrote and produced the flick. “He plays a kid who refuses to go down,” Allison Janney, who plays his mom, said earlier this week at the premiere of her latest flick, The Help. “He’s a kid that gets tortured by all the kids at school—endlessly and mercilessly.

“But he refuses to disintegrate and it makes him stronger and he’s sort of impenetrable,” she continued. “And it’s also sort of heartbreaking. It will make you cry.”

Colfer doesn’t sing in the movie, but no matter. “He just so impressed me and so intimidated me with everything that he does,” Janney gushed. “He writes children’s books, he now writes movie and he acts in them—he’s got a lot going on, that kid!”

And we couldn’t be happier for him.



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